Well, Here We Go!

Welcome to yet another blog in a multitude of blogs. “They”—the ubiquitous they—say blogging is dead, but I see new ones popping up every day, so I guess that tells you all you need to know about what I think of them and their prognostications.

As I said in the sidebar, this is all about my coming to terms with my Type 1 Diabetes, how it has affected my life, and all the ways I try and have tried to deal with it.

Of course, that’s not all that’s here. You’ll find me holding forth on various Items Of Interest© as well as offering my take on other subjects of interest. This is a politically-incorrect blog, so you might find some of my views objectionable. That’s your right, and it also your right to start your own web page or blog to counter anything I may say.

And along those lines, if you have any negative comments to post, know that I will review all comments before I decide to post them, and nasty comments won’t see the light of day.

This is also a (mostly) religion-free, gay-friendly, hippie-commie-peace-freak blog as well.

So with all those warnings in mind, you’re welcome to follow me through the labyrinth that is my mind.