A New Sweetener


We all know the complaints. God knows we’ve heard enough of them! Artificial sweeteners don’t taste like sugar. They’re too sweet. They’re not sweet enough.

Today, I’d like to tell you of my experiences with two of the “big-name” products: Splenda, and Truvia.

I made the switch from sugar to Splenda some 10 years ago, when I was diagnosed with Type 2 (aka “non-insulin dependent”) diabetes. I even carried packets in my purse for when I was eating out. Later I switched to little pills for my tea or coffee.

This year, when I ended up in the hospital with DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) and was subsequently diagnosed with Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes, I wondered if there might not be a better alternative.

NOTE: What follows is one woman’s opinion. I have no financial interest in any products mentioned here, nor am I a medical professional. And even though I’m not a gynecologist, I’d be happy to take a look….

Both Splenda and Truvia claim that one packet of their product is equal to two teaspoons of sugar in terms of sweetness. However, I’ve found this not to be true. With both products I found that two packets result in the same sweetness of two teaspoons of sugar.

This is where Splenda let me down: it always tasted artificial, and left me with an aftertaste. When I tried Truvia, I found this wasn’t the case. It tasted just like sugar!

And when, like me, you drink multiple cups a day, that’s an important consideration.

So my new routine, when it comes to coffee, is to use Truvia as a sweetener. I also use sugar-free artificial creamers as well.

And for the rare times I eat out, or simply grab a cup of coffee or tea, I carry a few packets of Truvia in my purse.