Catching Up, And A Couple Of Apps

“If I’d known I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
Attributed to Eubie Blake, Mickey Mantle, Mae West, and others.

A bad case of Dupuytren’s Contraction has left me unable to use just two fingers and the thumbs on both hands. I’m awaiting a call from the orthopedic surgeon to schedule my treatment, all of which explains why I haven’t been keeping up with this blog.

Oh, right: and my computer crashed and I had to restore and reinstall everything.

Here’s a new app I recently discovered on Apple’s App Store: “Glycemic Index,” by Kubilay Erdogan. Simply type in the name of a food and voilá!

glycemic index

I can’t fit the entire list, as there are over 22 entries just for bananas! All values are referenced from the University of Sydney’s glycemic index tables, so you know they’re accurate. And for an explanation of the glycemic index and why it matters, see this entry.

That’s about all my fingers are capable of right now, so I’ll sign off for today.

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As Promised, A Few Apps For Diabetics

As with most other things, technology has made life a lot easier for us diabetics, regardless of whether we’re Type I or Type II.

One app on my iPhone is one I use multiple times a day. Diabetes Log  says this about itself:

This is a simple to use Diabetes logging app that can improve your life with diabetes.
Unlike other apps that are burdened with options and unnecessary bloat, Diabetes Logs keeps it simple to use and understand.

Some of the features are:

* The ability to browse your data online and offline
* New entries will be synced automatically to the cloud in case you are not online
* Simple to understand stats and graphs that will make your progress noticeable
* The option to share your data with your health care team easily in a CSV format from which your physician can filter and sort the data any way they please
* Integrates with the Health app in order to save the blood sugar entries there as well, it also retrieves workout data from the Health app in order to display it next to the entries in the app.

I’ve tried several logging apps and this is the one I’ve settled on. Two words: quick, easy.

Calorie King  is a quick and easy way to check calories, carbs, and fat. It contains over 100,000 foods and includes 260 fast food chains and restaurants. Tapping on a specific food provides more detailed information, such as protein, fiber, etc.

100 Diabetic Food Recipes gave me the best advice I ever got from a cookbook: “READ THE RECIPE ALL THE WAY THROUGH BEFORE YOU START.”

If you only have one diabetic cookbook, this one would be an excellent choice.

That’s it for now, but I’m always on the lookout for newer apps.

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