Keeping Track: Logging Your Data

I’m a Type 2 insulin-dependent diabetic. As such, it’s important to keep track of my blood glucose levels (BGL). It’s not quite as critical as it is for someone with Type 1, but it’s still important.

Florin Uscatu has come up with a simple-to-use diabetes logging app that can improve our lives with diabetes.



Some of the app’s features are:

  • The ability to browse your data online and offline
  • New entries are synced automagically to the cloud
  • Simple-to-understand stats and graphs that make your progress noticeable (like the one above).
  • There’s an option to share your data with your health care team. Send your data in CSV format so your physician can filter and sort the data any way she pleases.
  • Finally, it integrates with the Apple Health app.

Best of all? It’s free! I’ve been using it since the end of December, and it’s the best app of its kind that I’ve yet to find.

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Mad Robyn

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