Life Is A Series Of Trade-Offs

And never is this more true than n the life of a diabetic. “Let me see: if I skip the garlic bread and potatoes, can I have the pie and ice cream?” “What effect will eating these blueberries have on my glucose levels? And what do I need to give up in exchange?”

Right now, I’m preaching to the choir: either you have diabetes or you know someone who does have, so you’re familiar with the issue. And as I write this, I just finished my lunch: 2 Andouille sausages, each with a strip of cheddar cheese to go with it. I skipped the bread I usually eat the sausages on, so that I might enjoy a post-prandial treat of 4 Tootsie Roll “Midges” (for a total of 120 calories). Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know; I’m a bad girl. But hey! It’s Hallowe’en, okay?

Next month’s going to be even worse. It’s Thanksgiving, the feast day where I do my best to balance calories, fats, proteins, and carbs in order to (1) enjoy the day and (2) to keep out of the hospital. This will also be the first Christmas season since I became insulin-dependent, and it’s going to mean a lot of changes, both good and bad.

The good? I can skip making candies and cookies and other goodies. The bad? I have to skip making candies and cookies and other goodies.

I’ll be spending the holidays at home with friends. But they’re more than mere friends—the ragtag group of insane gypsies whom I call friends are in reality my family of choice. Since my blood relatives are all out of state—a brother in Texas, one in New Mexico, my daughters and grandkids in Seattle—these are my chosen family members for the time being.

A New Title For The Blog?

I almost considered another title for my blog. Let me explain.

There are several medications I take in order to keep body and mind together. First and foremost among them is, of course, insulin. Recently I discovered that my diabetes is not Type 1 but still Type 2. Long story short, Type 1 does not develop into Type 2. But mine is bad enough that it is now insulin-dependent.

Other meds I take are two antidepressants. It’s an old friend since I was 30, and at the age of 71, it’s still with me.

Add to that the pain—at times unbearable—of Dupuytren’s Contracture, coupled with frequent migraines, osteoarthritis, and I’m a perfect candidate for medical marijuana.

All of which adds up the the fact that if it wouldn’t mess up my registration with WordPress, I’d rename the blog to Insulin And Marijuana. Which I almost did back when I started it, and still kinda wish I had done. And still may do when it’s time to renew my registration with the Great Gods Of The Internet.

Until then, I’ll continue as things are…and I’ll try not to whine too cringingly.

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Wise, slightly mad Transwoman sick of dealing with in this modern world, I blog here mainly to vent my feelings--both good and bad--about life, the universe, and everything. HINT: No one understands why a carry a towel with me everywhere I go.

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